Bonsai Cedar Tree

The bonsai cedar tree has many different species, in fact there are about four or five types from which you can choose from. The needles for this tree tend to group together in small clusters and generally the colour of these needles is green however the Atlantic Howle group does have some blue needles. Whilst they are quite popular and easy to practice the art of bonsai tree growing with, they are unfortunately not very well stocked and are often quite difficult to find.

This evergreen tree they can brighten up your garden during the winter months. Usually you would grow a cedar in a formal upright position or informal positions. This takes advantage of their majestic and dominant look which they naturally have when growing in the wild. They make brilliant windswept styled trees and also can be grown over rocks and in group formations. Usually you want to place them in dull looking pots which aren't glazed so that they don’t take away from the appearance of the bonsai cedar tree.

When growing cedar trees be careful not to over water them and this is usually indicated by their needles turning yellow. If this does happen you should cut back on the watering immediately. When growing your cedar tree it’s trunks tend not to thicken out very much and if you're looking to grow a bonsai tree which has a thick trunk you may need to take a specimen which has been growing in ground for a short period of time before converting into a bonsai tree. Also you must realise that these trees don't like being repotted very often and this can cause them to lose all their needles if done incorrectly.

The cedar tree heals itself very slowly so when removing branches that are quite large in comparison to your tree, it is a good idea to use lots of this wood sealant. Also think about whether or not the removal of this branch is absolutely necessary. This can be used to your advantage because cedar trees are good for creating an exposed style look where it has deliberately had some of its bark and its trunk stripped off to give it a more aged appearance.

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